Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

Week-end Food Diary


Breakfast – None

Lunch – Subway

Supper – ???


Breakfast – None

Lunch – Kentucky Fried Chicken

Supper – 7 slices of Pizza


Breakfast – two pieces of toast

Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup

Supper – Mashed potatoes, fried onions and cream corn

Snack - two pieces of toast

Well it’s been a very snowy weekend, so I have been forced to stay inside and get a few things accomplished. Here are the highlights:

First off – the biggie: I think we may have a roadmap for the new direction the company is headed in. Check out this Power Point Presentation, outlining where I would like to take the company in 2008. There’s the shows I’d like to do, and how I plan to solve the major issues that are plaguing the organization at this time. With any luck this blueprint will serve as the jumping off point for a very successful 2008. My primary task this week will be to develop the “Whole Company Productivity Application Platform” that I have called for in the presentation, so that will take up a lot of my time this week.

With things going along fairly well on the company front it would be nice if I could actually pull together some money. As it stands I will be broke by the end of the week at the latest, probably Wednesday, if something doesn’t roll my way. The murmurs last week out of the USA were promising, and I will be earnestly selling my tech manual all the this week, but its unlikely that I’ll see any new money now until almost the New Year. Even then, January is going to be very slow for me unless something substantial takes place.

On the weight side, it’s been a rough weekend, as it usually is. Broke down and had fast food not once but twice, and one of those times was KFC, which is about as bad as you can get. Hopefully it will have satisfied that craving for the time being (I had been able to hold off after being bombarded for months with the stuff back in the summer – actually got sick of it for a while there). With any luck though I’ll be able to get the belt back to where I want it by the middle of the week, and by eating some good food maybe I’ll be in a very good position heading into the Christmas week. One bit of pseudo good news that I remarked to my self the other day: this New Year’s the resolution won’t be to start losing weight, it will be to keep losing weight.

There are two more things that I would like to become a priority for me this week. First off, I’d like to get the homestead cleaned up – really cleaned up. My “one thing at a time” method worked really well last week, but broke down over the weekend. I think I will try and do one thing a day every day this week for as long as I have the heat and water to do it. Certainly I would like to get the last of the old stuff cleaned up, as well as all the outside work. Now that winter is here I’m not likely to be doing much outside, so I’d best just get everything done that needs to be done so that I don’t have to think much about it until spring.

The other thing that I would like to get started on this week is writing again, specifically the screenplay I have been working on. It already exists as a play, so the task of converting it over is almost a technical one, but again it’s only something that you can do in bits and spurts, so it would be something that would be good to do every day once again.

At some point this weekend I’ll be going for my appointment to get new glasses, so that will be exciting, I suppose. Never having had glasses before and thinking that I may have needed glasses for a long time I’m very interested to see what sort of difference, if any, I notice in things like my cognitive abilities, alertness, etc.

On the emotional side of things, I’m still not quite sure where that’s going yet. Trapped all weekend by the snow I’ve actually had to sit alone with my feelings quite a bit, and I’m not sure where they are taking me, but I’ll have to figure it out sooner or later, so the more time I spend trying the better, I guess. I know you can never know it all, but I do need to know something, anything, that will get me back on track. I am now most decidedly off-track, and off-track in a way that I have never been before. I always said I was never trying to get “back” to anything, I was trying to get to something that I had never known before, but now even that has floundered for the last few weeks. Not necessarily a bad thing, though – it’s been one of the most relaxing times I’ve known in a long time. Just have to figure out how to reconcile this level on satisfaction with the realities of everyday living.

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