Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The life of Grinder

Well I promised you that today I'd unveil who I'd like to be. Given that this is only a first draft, here it is, a compendium of where I'd like to be by May 16th, 2008, my self-imposed cut-off date for turning things around. As to how I'll get there, well, that's going to take some figuring out...

  • Income
    • Minimum of $100 Daily
    • Stable
    • Multiple Streams
  • Finances
    • No short-term debts
    • No student debts
    • “Safety Cushion” Mutual Fund of at least $10,000
  • Professional Life
    • Re-establish Grinder Productions as a success
    • Write as much as I want to
    • Publish all works
    • Build things
    • Buy a new vehicle or meaningfully repair current vehicle
    • Totally integrate the money-making possibilities of technology
  • Personal Life
    • Weight problem conclusively under control
    • Use the gym
    • Physical prep for move into house under way
    • Get a new wardrobe
    • Plan for and take a vacation
  • Skills and Activities
    • Musical Appreciation
    • Computer Skills
    • Learn to Sing better
    • Learn to Dance
    • Learn to play an instrument
    • Take a community college or Continuing Ed Course
    • Make the movie of “Living”
    • Start Video blogging and add to blog
  • Mental State
    • Continually cultivate better friendships
    • Find and secure a lasting positive relationship
    • Conclusively defeat periodic depression

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