Friday, December 21, 2007

Before the Holidays

This is my last posting for a few days, as we get swamped under with Christmast activities and closed internet cafes. I may sneak in a couple of posts here, but not likely.

Food on Thursday - lunch was the last of my leftover mashed potatoes, then supper was spaghetti and sauce, with two pieces of toast with peanut butter later on. Really need to get some protein in there somewhere.

On the monetary front, I think I've got things sorted out. At least my usual $40 Christmas Shopping Budget looks like it will still be intact. As for the rest of it, I'll have consolidated as much of the debt as I can by January 1st, and we can start chipping away at things from there. All that remains is for me to get some string of successes built up. What that first project is going to be is still uncertain - I highly doubt The Blue Room will be going up on schedule, but at least I now have the time to make ready for it. Something about the third week of January would be nice.

Not a good day to concentrate in the internet cafe today (personal conversation I really DON'T want to listen to is going on behind my back and it's really distracting), so perhaps I will take the next few days offline and compose and exquisite posting to start things off on the 27th. Till then, take care!

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