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Re-posting: Casting List

Just some of what we're looking for this summer!




Ennotville Library


Chaucer Uncensored

(May 9th – July 3rd)

Act 1: The Miller’s Tale

John, the cuckolded husband

Alison, his pure young wife

Nicholas, a young scholar

Absolon, the lusty parish clerk

Graves, a blacksmith

Act 2: The Reeve’s Tale

Simkin, a Miller

His Wife

His grown daughter

John, a young scholar

Alan, another young scholar

(actors may have one role in each act)

Godiva’s Children

(May 23rd – July 17th)

Leslie Godiva, a hard-working single mother in her 40’s

Jerome, Leslie’s teenaged son

Lola, Leslie’s teenaged daughter

Roughing It

(June 6th – July 31st)

Rowan, a 50-something business exec, mom

Athena, her nearly grown-up daughter

Maeve, her Irish immigrant mother

Wild Angels

(June 20th – August 14th)

Mom – an internet junkie with bills to pay

Kid – desperately seeking something better

The Boarder – a shy librarian who moonlights as a vigilante

The Night – various roles and vices

The River Rats

(July 4th – August 28th)

Character Names TBA

There will be three roles available for women over the age of 18.



(May 23rd – July 10th)

(Selected Roles)

Cymbeline, King of Britain

Cloten, son to Queen by former husband

Leonatus, a gentlemen, husband to Imogen

Belarius, a banished lord

Guiderius and Arviragus, sons to Cymbeline, supposed sons of Belarius

Philario, Italian, friend to Posthumus

Iachimo, Italian, friend to Philario

Caius Lucius, General of the Roman Forces

Pisanio, servant to Posthumus

Cornelius, a physician

Queen, wife to Cymbeline

Imogen, daughter to King by former queen

Mrs. Warren’s Profession

(June 13th – July 31st)

Praed – “hardly past middle age”

Vivie Warren – 22 “sensible, able, educated”

Mrs. Kitty Warren – “between 40 and 50”

Sir George Crofts – tall, powerful, about 50

Frank Gardner – “not long turned 20”

The Rev. Samuel Gardner – over 50

The 18 Carat Boob

(July 4th – August 21st)

Daisy Bell – 17, a lively, very feminine girl

Alice Bisnette – 18, a quiet, modest girl

Cora ~ 48, housekeeper, devoted to Alice

Charles ~ 49, chauffeur, Cora’s husband

Billy Kerns – 16, boyish, good student

Kitty Darling – 16, babyish, spoiled, lisps

Bella Sparks – 18, lively, rather boyish

Bud – 22, looks younger, an 18 Carat Boob

Bisnette – Alice’s Father, 45, businessman

Raymond Barkville ~ 34, suave, mysterious

Anna ~ 26, a maid, brisk and businesslike

Jack Merry ~23, quiet, proud, headstrong

Children’s Series

Too many to mention!

Just come on out and tell us when you’re available, we’ll get you in somewhere!

Mostly Music Lunch

The Heart of Eden

(May 9th – June 26th)

Eden – A cute, bubbly girl of about 20 with good movement skills who can sing.

Mike – A “loveable geek” of about the same age, also needs to move well and sing.

Hitchin’ at the Junction

(May 16th – July 3rd)

Bessie Buxomb – the heroine, “a simple girl with plain features,” smarter than she looks.

Cyril Snead – the meanest, nastiest, most dastardly villain you’ll ever meet!

Archibald Althus Altman – the hero. Stationmaster and county possum wrangler.

Love Notes

(May 23rd – July 10th)

Character Names TBA

Four roles are available, and all will require excellent mime and movement skills.

Laughing Out Loud

(May 30th – July 17th)

3 male or female comedians. I’m looking for clean but funny stand-up comedy. Your own material would be preferable, but we can help fill your 15 minute set if necessary.

The Girls of Grinder

(June 6th – July 24th)

Any females of any age with vocal talent are invited to come out and perform one or two songs, and join in group numbers. Please bring your own music on CD to the audition.

Legends of Elysium

(June 13th – July 31st)

3 Vocalists, any genre – Each vocalist in this show will get a 15 minute solo set, and may be asked to do a group number or two.

Narrator – connects the sets, could sing too.

Philemon and Baucis

(June 20th – August 7th)

Philemon, a poor husbandman, well past 60

Baucis, his wife, also well past 60

Jove, the King of the Gods

Hermes, his son, the Messenger God

Prologue and Epilogue

The Duke of Gordon

(June 27th – August 14th)

The Duke of Gordon

His Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret, Jean

Captain Ogilvie

Many other roles – perfect play for beginners!

Where Corn Don’t Grow

(July 4th – August 21st)

Character Names TBA

The Father – an old farmer

His Grown-up son

His Grown-up daughter

Steppin’ Up

(July 11th – August 28th)

Anyone of any age with dancing ability is invited to perform, either solo or in groups. Please bring your own music on CD.

After Hours

Muzzle Blast

(May 23rd – July 10th)

Julie – Aged about 35. A single mom in a dead-end job, makes poor choices with men.

Katherine –16. Julie’s reckless, rebelling, daughter who believes she’s indestructible.

Harold – an angry 20-something who’s just been thrown out by his wife.

Hangin’ in the Balance

(June 6th – July 24th)

Nadia – A figment of an author’s imagination, a much-maligned Muse, the chronicler of terrible tales.

Lost and Found

(June 20th – August 7th)

She, the woman who washes up on the rock looking for her guardian angel

He, the man who washes up on the rock looking for his absolution


(July 4th – August 21st)

Vincent, a deeply troubled young man

The woman, a mysterious figure that enters his life in a drunken stupor

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