Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Auditions Teaser

I thought I'd post a little bit of one of the shows we're doing this summer. This is a selection from The Heart of Eden - a romantic comedy that will be a part of our "Mostly Music Lunch" series. I may be using this as material for the cold read auditions, I may be not - check it out and enjoy!

Music begins. The stage is in darkness. The lights begin to rise ever so slowly, revealing the scene. The scene consists of a park bench, a garbage can, streetlamp and a fire hydrant. Large, thick undergrowth forms an impenetrable wall upstage, and two large bushes form an entrance on either side of the stage. As the lights come up it is apparent that someone is lying on the park bench, covered by a newspaper. As the Overture finishes it is replaced by the sounds of the city, intermingled with the sounds of the park. Suddenly, a loud siren goes past. The figure on the bench is startled awake, and frantically tries to pull the newspaper off of her and get up. This is Eden. She is about 20 years old and absolutely gorgeous, even though it’s clear that she has been asleep on the bench all night long. She wears a tight, white “I ♥ NY” T-shirt, blue jeans and sandals. She rubs her eyes and tries to get her bearings. Once she does she looks towards the rising sun.

Music #2: What a Beautiful Day

Eden: What a beautiful day it’s going to be.

Music begins, as Eden yawns, stretches and continues to look at the sunrise. Over the course of the song she will pick-up all the newspapers that are strewn about the stage (as well as any other litter), put it in the garbage, and find a small, dry tree branch, which she will pretend is a wide variety of objects: a flute, a baton, a microphone, etc.

Eden (sings):

My life’s been like a journey,
A voyage on stormy waves
Back and forth across the seas
To the sunset of yesterday

I knew not where I was going
Or that today I would arrive
At this glorious place this glorious morn
It’s so great to be alive!

What a beautiful day it’s going to be
What a beautiful day I’m sure
Today is the day things are going to change
A beautiful day will be my cure

I’ve felt the rain and heard cold winds roar
My heart’s been wrecked upon the rocks
I’ve been betrayed and sinners and saints
Got a PhD from the school of hard knocks

What a beautiful day it’s going to be
What a beautiful day I’ve got
Today is the day things start going my way
A beautiful day is my best shot

The song fades to underscore as Angel continues to play with the tree branch, taking an almost child-like fascination with all the things that she can pretend it is. She is clearly enjoying herself, and is so wrapped up in her game that she does not see Mike enter. Mike is a young man, also about 20 years old, but a bit geeky-looking, maybe wearing a button-down shirt, a tie, and a sweater vest overtop, and corduroy pants. He carries a small attaché case, and wears glasses. He does not notice Eden right away, but as soon as he does he stops dead, completely confused by her odd behaviour.

The stick has now become a fishing pole. Eden makes a cast, then jigs a few times, and gets a bite. She gives little jerk on the pole – and she’s hooked him! He’s big, really big, and a fighter. She can barely hold her ground as she plays out more and more line, until the line runs out. Eden hangs on for dear life, but suddenly the fish swerves in another direction, and Eden is pulled headlong into a very confused Mike. She crashes into him with such force that it knocks the branch out of her hand and knocks the them both to the ground, with the result being that Mike falls down flat on his back and Eden falls down face first on Mike. A pause. Eden smiles.

Eden: Big Fish.
Mike: Uh-huh.
Eden: I guess maybe I shouldn’t be fishing in the first place. I mean, they probably have rules about fishing in Central Park, right?
Mike: Right.
Eden: I mean I didn’t come here to fish. It just sort of happened.
Mike: I see.
Eden: Oh, by the way, my name’s Eden.
Mike: I’m Mike.
Eden: Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Mike: Eden?
Eden: Yes Mike?
Mike: Could you, maybe, get off of me, please?
Eden: Of course. Let me help you up.

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