Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Open Auditions on World Theatre Day at the Ennotville Library

Saturday, March 27th is World Theatre Day, a day to celebrate, promote, defend and enjoy live performance across the globe. Grinder Productions is pleased to participate in World Theatre Day by holding open auditions for its 2010 season.

“Celebrating World Theatre Day with an open call for actors couldn’t be more appropriate for us,” says Eric Goudie, Grinder’s Creative and Executive Co-Director. “This day is about inclusiveness, it’s about entertainment and it’s about giving a voice to people and stories that must be heard. That’s exactly what we hope to accomplish in our upcoming season.”

The auditions will be open to everyone, regardless of age or gender. As is always the case with Grinder Productions no previous acting experience is necessary.

There are 32 unique events coming up this season. In addition to five plays at the Ennotville Library and 3 plays at the Belwood Hall the company has added a children’s series, a lunchtime “mostly music” segment and four “after hours” productions on selected weekends. As such the chances of landing a role this summer for anyone who comes out to audition are excellent.

Children’s auditions will be held in the morning, with kids up to the age of 12 being auditioned in small groups with creative games, storytelling and other activities.

Adults will audition in the afternoon in a relaxed, informal group atmosphere involving a few simple theatre exercises and some “cold readings” from various plays.

Later in the day there will be individual time slots for more experienced performers who wish to deliver a prepared audition piece, as well as anyone wishing to sing and/or dance for their audition (or show off a specialized skill). The day will conclude with after-hours auditions for anyone interested in those particular shows.

In addition to acting talent the company is also looking for directors, designers, stage managers and production personnel to help in various capacities, so even people who aren’t interested in acting but who want to get involved in the fun and excitement of live theatre are invited to come out. Once again, no previous experience is necessary.

Anyone who has auditioned for or performed with the company in the past is encouraged to do so again, so they can be seen by the new directors who have come on board for the 2010 season.

For more information or to book your audition time please call Eric at 519-780-7593 or e-mail

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