Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Auditions Continue, but we need more than just actors

Do you know what people in showbiz often call actors?

"The Talent."

"The Stars."

These are not lovingingly bestowed terms of endearment by awestruck techies basking in the glow of celebrity. These are the sarcastic epithets of jaded veterans who've spent years putting up with and dealing with the consequences from actors and their over-inflated egos.

I knew a techie who hadn't slept for days who had to give up his bed so an actor could lay down because he wasn't feeling well. I know techs who've fetched lunch for actors over their own mealtimes and been forced to go hungry. I've been asked to book an actor's tee time.

This sort of treatment, while certainly wrong, is the exception and not the rule, and I believe most actors have at least a partial understanding of the complimentary nature of their work and those of the technician, and that both are equally integral to making the show a success.

So yes, we're looking for actors right now, but we're also looking for people to work behind the scenes as well. At Grinder Productions the stereotypes won't be tolerated - everyone, actor, techie and patron are given equal respect at all times. So give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know you'd like to get on board. There's a whole community of people here who would desperately love to meet you!

Phone: 519-780-7593
Email: grinder@grinderproductions.org

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