Thursday, November 12, 2009

So now I'm on a health kick

The world's greatest wife and I went swimming the past Sunday. I'm walking for about 90 minutes every weekday morning now. Lunch has become what used to pass for a 9pm snack and our suppers are looking more and more like culinary homages to portion control. Somehow, I'm on a health kick.
It's not at the prodding of the world's greatest wife, oddly enough - she's from the fill-em-up-until-they-explode school of farm-table cuisine, so while she eats very sensibly herself she does sometimes worry that my plate isn't exactly heaping (or that when it is, I can't clean it).
Sadly, as per every other health kick I've ever been on, this improved diet and exercise is having a negligible impact on both physique and energy levels - no "Biggest Loser" dramatic results for me. My only hope is that these incremental changes will, over time, make a quantifiable difference.
Pass the soy burgers (not! - I'm going healthy, not crazy).

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