Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rebuilding Continues

Another Monday morning, another batch of unexpected optimism.

The world's greatest wife is heading out on a road trip this morning, so we actually got to sleep in a little bit. She's gone overnight Wednesday-Thursday so I don't know what I'll do to fill in the hours then, but for now it's actually light out while I'm writing this, so I guess that's helping me get this week off to a good start.

Lots planned for this week, including a major component for the 2010 newsletter (more on that tomorrow) and the first step in a comprehensive clean-up and re-organization of the rehearsal hall. I also hope to make major strides in my writing this week, and finally get back up to where I'd like to be at Helium.

But my biggest goal this week will be fleshing out the 2010 season. Once thought to be largely complete a number of new opportunities have recently come to mind that have me searching for suitable programming once again. These new opportunities have come about through revelation, not outside factors, so it's important that I sit on these ideas for a time until I'm sure I'm not just thinking crazy (as people would argue I've been known to do).

So yes, we're rebuilding. Rebuilding the structure of a company, rebuilding the way we do things and rebuilding the way we see ourselves.

Construction continues... put on your hard hats.

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