Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Fog

The thoughts are difficult this morning - I'm on my second cup and I'm still search of this week's posts.
I do have lots to tell you about the preparations for our upcoming season, but at this point in the process what needs to be done more interal than external, so there's only so much of interest that I can tell you right now.

I should (and perhaps I will) give you some links to my recent articles on Helium, as I've put up a lot of good stuff there recently. Click on the link in the sidebar to go to my About Me page on the site.

The Fergus Grand Theatre users collaborative meets again this week, so there could be some more good news on that front as well.

No shortage of things happening, yet my creative juices abandon me. I guess I'll just have to meddle on through as best I can - check in tomorrow to see how we do.

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