Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New additions to the 2010 Summer Season at the Ennotville Library

I'm working on a few new opportunities to engage our members in 2010, to get more of the people who audition for us involved in more shows with us more often.

Next summer we'll be adding three new series of programs to our Ennotville Season. The first will be a series of Children's shows, ten one-act plays for young audiences, using our younger members whenever possible. These plays will run on Saturday mornings throughout the summer.

The second will also be an addition to our Saturday line-up with some short plays and musical entertainments, starting every day at noon. The lunch-time series will be a chance for our members to showcase some of their more specialized skills and talents.

Finally, for selected weekends only we'll be offering an "after hours" series, with shows starting at 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. These shows will feature language and content we wouldn't normally be able to bring you in our mainstage shows.

So as you can see there's a lot that we have coming up. Preparations continue on what promises to be our most exciting season ever!

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