Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ah, Creativity

One of the nice things about not having a lot of shows on the go right means that I have more time for focus on writing. Not as much as I'd like, of course, but for the first time in months I'm finally starting to feel like a writer again.

My process is improving. I've abandoned the keyboard and returned to pen and paper for the buil of my creative work (though I still type most non-fiction work directly). It may be difficult for some people who think I'm quite immersed in modern technology to believe that I write with a ball-point pen and paper, but for me it seems that it's only when I put pen to paper that brain and hand work in harmony.

I have to admit that my wrist is a little sore, as often happens when I've been away from writing for a while, and I'm flipping back and forth between messy printing and messy cursive writing. All the same it feels like I've come home as a writer, and that after much searching I've once again found the conduit for excorsising my litany of thoughts, notions, horrors, demons and days of reckoning.

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