Friday, November 20, 2009

I don't begrudge...

In case you haven't heard there's an awful lot of theatre going on in Centre Wellington at the moment. The Elora Community Theatre, The Main Street Players, Climing Vine Productions and the Not So Grand all have shows coming up this fall, and the Vision Theatre's annual Agatha Christie play is going into rehearsals.

And those are just the shows that I know about - there's probably a lot more.

And yes, Grinder is conspicuously absent from the party. Sadly this is a necessary part of our revival, a retreat to the Ennotville Library, by far our most forgiving, most reliable venue and audience. With the economic situation being what it was there was just no way we could have afforded the Grand this fall, or taken a chance on more shows beneath the dancing elephants at the Elora Centre for the Arts (as we lovingingly refer to the ballet classes full of four-year-olds that practice in the room above us during our rehearsals and shows).

But in a way we are there, at least in spirit. Much of the talent featured in these shows first hit the stage with Grinder. We introduced many of the movers and shakers at these companies to each other, and we planted more than a few seeds about the possibility of "making a go of it" and producing a show outside the mainstream established companies. We blazed a lot trails.

I got my invitation to the party on Facebook the other day, but I replied with just a "maybe." I don't begrudge anyone their success, but I don't know that this is a party Grinder Productions should be going to. Perhaps they've all moved on. Perhaps we've moved on. Perhaps it's not the party going on now that we should be worried about missing.

See some theatre at the Grand this fall, and support our local arts scene, and be sure to take some time to visit the Ennotville Library for Grinder and Friends. But if you miss these don't despair - the plans for the next round of parties are already well under way, and I can assure you of our attendance at those.

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