Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working on the Website

In another couple of days I'll be publishing an updated version of I'm giving the entire site a clean-up and make-over, so that it's easier to read, better optimized for SEO value and quicker to update, in addition to a sleeker, more contemporary look, one that actuallly hearkens back to an earlier design and improves upon it.

The biggest thing you'll notice about the re-vamped site will be the "actors" page, where I'm compiling resources for actors at Grinder Productions and anywhere else. In addition to information about the various schools of acting that are out there there's also lots of information about the basics: how to learn lines, what you should do in rehearsal, etc.

I hope to build on the actors page in future editions of the website, so if anyone has any good resources that for actors that they wouldn't mind sharing please send them along and I'll include them in a future update!

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