Friday, October 23, 2009

At the end of a long week...

It's finally Friday.

The first week "back to normal" has proved, as usual, to be exhausting. With the world's greatest wife still leaving for work so early (and it looks like once winter hits she'll have to leave earlier than ever before) it seems my usual day-by-day pattern of becoming increasinly less able to function as the week goes by is still intact.

So I'm not likely to come up with much brilliance on Fridays. In fact I should consider myself lucky that I can post at all, as this is usually when, as it is this morning, that a good old-fashioned headache comes to ruin my day.

Here's to the Advil, I guess.

So what of Grinder this past week? Quite a lot, actually, though pitifullly little of it had much to do with our next show. Yes, I did get a little work in on Grinder and Friends, but the bulk of my time this week has been spent on the website, in the shop, and on a "Production Workbook" I'm creating for future directors.

In the more lucid moments of this week I did have some time to think, about me and about the company and how everything all fits together - a perspective-gathering week if you will.

Here's hoping for more perspective when my mind returns to normal next Monday.

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