Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long Day's Journey

Well, I'm here.

Usually the morning after a show closes I'm not feeling quite this tired. Well, maybe I do, but since shows generally close on a Saturday and I'm usually not moving too early Sunday morning anyways I just don't feel it as much. I'm certainly feeling it today though.

We got through By Jove last night without any major hiccups, thanks in no small part to the dedicated efforts of cast and crew. Thank-you everyone for all your hard work!

This morning though has brought a lot of stiff and sore muscles and I feel almost as drained as I did last night. I guess this show took more out of me than I realized.

But now on to the next one - Marriage is Murder. You are all going to be there, right? Right?

Tickets are available on the website. Speaking of the website, if you haven't visited in a while you might now notice that I've made a few small tweaks to a couple of pages. I'm in the process of doing a complete site overhaul, and I'd be happy to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have about how we could improve the look, feel and functionality of the site.

Visit and then let me know what you think!

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