Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking for Resources

If you've been to see the new and improved www.grinderproductions.org (and I know you all have) you may have noticed the new "Actor's Link" that takes you to a page called "The Actor's Toolbox," a place where you'll find all sorts of information on being an actor, both theoretical and practical.

I see The Actor's Toolbox as it stands right now as a first step, a rough draft. I'd like to add more information to it as time goes by, as well as adding other Toolboxes for Directors, Stage Managers, Designers, Technicians, Publicity People, etc - something for everyone who gets involved in the business of live theatre, amateur, professional or anywhere in between.

Do you have a resource you'd like to share? A good website, blog or directory? I'm looking for quality information of a general nature, things that would be of value to all of us working in the business. I'm starting with acting, but I'd welcome anything else for consideration on future pages.

Any help would be appreciated. Links in the comment section, or send an e-mail to grinder@grinderproductions.org.


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