Friday, July 17, 2009

A new addition to our Summer Season

Because of the confusion surround when the kids go back to school this September I've decided that summer will last for one more week.

On September 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Ennotville Library we'll be presenting a one-week run of a very special pair of shows. They are called Hitchin' at the Junction, and The Heart of Eden.

These are two shows that I have been wanting to bring to the stage for a long, long time in full-blown productions. Heart of Eden has had a few tentative starts as a staged reading (and I've made a few tweaks to it along the way) but fate has conspired against us whenever we have wanted to bring these shows forward.

Now the time is right to do them. I think you'll really enjoy these two little shows. Hitchin' at the Junction is a "gay-nineties" melodrama-type show, with lots of cheering on the hero and booing the villain. The Heart of Eden is a heart-warming romantic musical comedy.

Both of these shows are part of a larger project here at Grinder, a project that I've spoken a bit about before, called Hopeless Romantics. These plays will be a part of that new division of our company, and will be available for touring to weddings and other special events, to provide live, light theatrical entertainments to anyone who wants to book them.

If you're getting married soon, or you know someone who is, please let them know about these two little shows. Who knows, it might be just what they are looking for to make their special day unique.

Here's to making the summer last as long as we can.

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