Friday, July 10, 2009

The Lazy Days of Summer?

Finally Friday.

After what has seemed like a long, perilous and exhausting week we are finally rolling over into the weekend schedule. Both the world's greatest wife and I are feeling the pinch - she was so tired that she staggered out the door this morning with tears in her eyes - and they're making her work so late tonight she may not even be back in time for the 8pm curtain. By the sole virtue of her predicament, I look like I'm doing a little better (consumed though I am with the guilt and sadness of being unable to alleviate her suffering), but I find myself barely able to keep up with the day - I can only think a few seconds ahead, and it's hard to form any sort of coherent thoughts for an extended period of time. My morning cup of java is certainly helping, but I think it will be about 5pm before I roll out of bed on Sunday - if I decide to get up at all.

And all this in the middle of July. This should be a time to relax a little, spend some time with friends and family, and not have to worry as much about work. If things had gone the way I'd envisioned them this summer at Grinder perhaps that would have been the case, or at the very least we'd have been closer to it. Alas, so much for the best-laid plans.

Once again I speak of change, the change we need to make in our outlook, that fundamental re-alignment, so that instead of playing catch-up we're always ahead of the game. Though I'm too tired this morning to feel much like thinking I force myself to look to the future, to see the results of that change, and press on towards the things that must be done to get us there.

I can't do much about the trials of world's greatest wife's job - she's in the one industry that actually benefits from an economic downturn, and her company is the victim of its own remarkable success. But I can do better at Grinder. I can at least make that a pleasant experience for her, and for me - in fact it should never be anything less.

At the end of the day, even at the end of a beautiful summer's day, it's far more desireable and far more healthy to work so you can live, rather than live so you can work.

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