Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Belwood Experience

This morning's grogginess is all about Belwood, and our first show of the Belwood Season opening next week, Alan Ball's 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress.

Our performance weeks in Belwood are unlike any other in the company. Situated in one of the farthest reaches of Centre Wellington, Belwood is a bit "out of the way" for both actors and audiences, and we have to work especially hard to make sure that our out-of-town patrons make it to the show on time. Even for many locals, making the "trek" out to Belwood is something of an event. It's all enough to make for just a hint of the exotic in the air.

And visiting Belwood isn't just about coming to a play. When we're out there it's too far to go home for supper, so we quite often wind up at the Belwood Super Snax or the Highland Pines in between shows and rehearsals. We'll go for ice cream at the general store and the go and watch the teenagers diving off the bridge, the boaters racing up the lake and all the other sites and sounds of a tourist mecca plying it's trade in the all-too-brief Canadian summer.

It's actually kind of amazing that we get to be a small part of that, and it's actually quite the rush to drive into town with a truck full of scenery, pass over the bridge, and see, just at the corner of Queen and Broadway, the Belwood Lions sign, emblazoned with the words "Belwood Summer Theatre present..." and the name of our show.

We didn't ask the Lions to do this, thankful as we are that they have. This is just the sort of warm welcome any visitor to Belwood is likely to receive.

So come on out and see 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress, Thursday July 16th to Saturday July18th at the Belwood Hall. And while you're there please take a little time to enjoy the Belwood Experience - trust me, it's well worth the journey.

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