Monday, March 17, 2008

Polishing 101

We've just finished our 3rd time through The Hollow. From here on in we'll be running the entire play all in one evening, so the rehearsal process is almost over. Once we move into the Fergus Grand next week it's a whole new ball game, so this week will be the last chance we have to perfect the show before we add the lighting, sound and other technical elements.

I, for one, am very happy with where everyone is at this point. Most of the lines are down, blocking is being remembered with about 90% accuracy, and we're nit-picking on the details, which means the major difficulties of script analysis and character development have been largely taken care of. It's a credit to this cast: they have really worked hard and pulled together to make this happen.

Things are also finally starting to look promising on the technical side of things as well. After getting off to a great start the tech side of things flagged a little over the middle period of this show, but now we've got the sound largely finished, the costumes down to pretty much a search for accessories and jewelery, and the props, though still a little farther behind than I would like to be at this point, are well on their way to being completed by the end of the week. And the set is already built and ready to come into the theatre. It's even painted, and there's not a lot of shows that can say that at this point.

On the publicity front we're selling tickets left, right and centre. There are posters going up all over town, and it seems like every night our publicity girl has organized another interview or TV shoot to help us promote the show. Now I know you all already have all the information about this show that you need, and you've probably already got your tickets, right? Well, just in case you haven't, here's the poster one last time:

See you at the Show!

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