Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Information Centre is now open

Hello again everyone,

If you'll look to the right of this posting you'll notice that I've added a links list to this blog, the Information Centre. This is where I'll be putting links, documents and other important sources of information that you may wish to look at from time to time. I have started off by posting here some of the essential marketing materials for this summer.

First off, there's the season brochure. This is something that you can print off, send to everyone on your Facebook, e-mail list, whatever, and generally use as a reference point for what's going on this summer at Grinder, including how you can get tickets. Got a program to stuff? Then try the season flyer - it's got three copies of the season arranged on a single page, so it can be printed off, copied, and cut into thirds if you need a lot of paper copies of the information.

Are you looking for information about booking a large group or bus tour? Then take a look at our Groups and Tours kit, specifically tailored to your needs, but still containing all the information that's in the season brochure.

Finally, if you or someone you know would like to write a news story about the summer or Grinder Productions, either for a newspaper, periodical, online publication, radio or tv station or any other media outlet then please take a look at our Media Kit. It's still got all the information of the other publications, as well as suggestions for some of the amazing stories that could be told this summer.

I've also put a link to the website on there, for future reference, and I'll be putting on the March Newsletter as soon as it is completed too. That's all for today, though. Talk to you again tomorrow, weather permitting.

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