Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lessons we learn

If you've read the newsletter (available here if you have been living under a rock for the past week) you'll know that we've got quite a bevy of plays coming up this summer.

Now I won't lie to you - 32 events over 10 weeks will represent a considerable new personal best for Grinder if we can pull it off. And while I'm optimistic about our prospects this year I hope no one mistakes this rather sizeable playbill for rash enthusiasm and foolish hope.

Our current season is built on the successes and failures of our past ones. We have had some great shows, and we have had miserable shows, and we have learnt things from all of them.

This summer we aren't doing any royalties-based projects - a lesson learned from coughing up our profit to Samuel French and Dramatists Play Service two summers ago. We will likely do royalty work again, but it's unlikely we'll commit to a dozen or more shows unless the costs come back down to a more reasonable level (which I highly doubt will happen).

This summer you'll also see more directors around the library, and more of yours truly out at the Belwood Hall. For some reason this seems to translate into more bums in seats all around. Personally I try to direct as little as possible, because I feel that other directors can give more time, effort and enthusiasm to a single project than I can to all of them at once. Another humble lesson learned.

So yes, it's 32 events (I hesitate to call them all plays, we do have some that are closer to concerts in nature). Yes, we're going to be busy, and yes, it will be a lot of work. Will we have 32 events next summer? I don't know. We might have more, we might have less, but whatever number we do end up with you'll know that it will have at least something to do with the lessons we learn.

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