Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding the Grinder in the Grumblings

If you're a regular reader here you may have noticed that over the last little while the postings have had more and more to do with my writing life and less and less to do with my theatre life at Grinder Productions. I'd like to assure you all today that this imbalance is only a temporary one, partially brought on by the season, and partially brought on by my continued attempts to make this year the year I finally break free of the financial chains that are holding me back.

Theatre is hard work - anyone in the business will tell you that. It's even harder if you're trying to make money at it, as I am unabashed-ly doing. So far, I have been utterly unsuccessful in that attempt, so to make up the difference I must write as much and as often as I can, both to earn my keep and to drive down the costs of future productions. I believe that 2010 is the year where we'll finally see a "flip" of sorts: the money, however small that comes in, will be enough to pay the bills and eradicate the debts. When that flip occurs a lot of good things will start to happen, and you'll see me blogging more about our increased capacity, production values and jam-packed audiences.

I'll always keep on writing (little known fact - I was actually a writer before I'd ever entertained the notion of going into the theatre) but it will take on a quieter, more reflective role in my life - the unwinder instead of the breadwinner, and that's when there'll be more Grinder in the Grumblings than you've been seeing lately.

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