Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I went in to the Parks and Recreation Office the other day to request our dates for the 2010 season at the Belwood Hall. It's imperative that I get those bookings in well in advance so that we get the dates we want - even one year out there's still no guarantees that we'll get the dates we want.

Yes, we will be back at the Belwood Hall in 2010. We'll also be at the Ennotville Library, with both a summer and a winter season to boot. We'll be back the Elora Centre for the Arts on October 6th for "By Jove!" a one-act dinner theatre show we'll be doing in conjunction with the Sensational Elora Festival, and I hope to book some more dates at the Centre for shows next year. With any luck we'll even be able to bring a show back to the Fergus Grand Theatre in 2010 (though I'm not ready to commit firmly to that just yet).

It's true that Grinder has taken quite a few body blows over the last few months. We've weathered the worst of the economic downturn (or so the pundits would have us believe) and while the company isn't in great shape we aren't facing oblivion either, thanks to some cost-saving measures we implemented when things began to go downhill.

I see 2010 as a year of renewal at Grinder Productions. I'm working on some new procedures, planning for our open auditions in January to bring in some new blood, and forging new partnerships to bring even more opportunities to our members, patrons and friends.

Here's to a bright future in 2010!

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