Thursday, September 10, 2009

Building some contacts

Grinder Productions is a member of the "Users of the Fergus Grand Theatre," a collaborative organization that has been brought together to oversee the application of the grant that was applied for and received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation this past summer.

As a member of that group we are expected to undertake a share of the activities that are required to achieve the grant's outcomes, as assigned at regular monthly meetings of the collaborative.

This month we have been tasked with generating a list of all the theatre groups in Wellington, Waterloo and Dufferin counties. This list includes community theatres, semi-professional groups, senior's drama groups and high school drama clubs and departments, in addition to other community-based organizations with a live performance component.

Our reason for generating this list will be to ensure that the entire region will receive information about the extensive series of workshops that we are offering as part of this grant. These workshops will cover generic topics like ladder-safety and WHMIS training as well as theatre-specific courses in set construction, lighting, sound and stage management, etc.

We'll be contacting people and groups over the next few weeks as we generate the list, but if you live in Wellington, Waterloo or Dufferin counties you can make sure that your group is included by getting in touch with us first!

Just e-mail or call 519-780-7593 and give us your name, the name of your organization and your organization's up-to-date contact information.

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