Friday, September 25, 2009

Freaky Friday Funk

Well it looks like we've made it through another week.

Unlike many of my previous posts, this one is in real-time, at 7:08 am on a Friday after a long, hard, exhausting week. This week was filled with much the same things as every other: insomnia, intermittent illnesses and more highs and lows than a lithium factory. Sometimes I think I'm living in the twilight zone.

But through the usual fog this week has also come something a bit different, I think. Something that says to my "wait a minute. Something has changed."

I finally rid my to-do list of the backlog of work that had been piling up since the wedding. Yes, there are still things to do, but for the first time it doesn't seem insurmountable. It looks as if it actually is possible to get through the day, do what needs getting done, and not fall asleep worried sick about everything that didn't get done. It's possible, just possible, that I might be getting caught up once again, or maybe for the first time ever.

Some of the monkeys are starting to get off my back, and I do confess to feeling a little bit better about myself and the state of my affairs in the past few days. I don't know how long this will last. I don't even know if this is real or not - it could be just a phase that I'm going through and I'll be back to my depressive old self by the middle of next week. But I have a hunch that if I'm smart about it and play my cards right there's a chance this could be a new reality for me, a way to finally reconcile the new-found joys of my personal life with the enduring trials of my professional life.

Here's hoping during a freaky Friday funk.

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