Monday, May 3, 2010

Jobs this week

It's going to be a busy week here at Grinder.

I've compiled a to-do list of everything that I'd like to get done before Friday: write a bunch of stuff, work on Helium for several hours, finalize a couple of scripts, get a whole whack of people committed to being in shows this summer and oh yeah, start working on actually selling the season with the marketing kick-off. That, a children's series and don't forget the baby goats (actually that made me stop and add a whole bunch more things to the list).

You would think that with a list this long I'd be depressed about my prospects of getting it all done this week. I'm oddly confident, though. Perhaps it's my foolishness to even attempt to get so much done (I've been called foolish by a good many people a good many times), and of course no one can say what unforeseen events might crop up and throw a wrench into this week's plans (see the aforementioned goats, for example). But I can't help but have a good feeling, because when I look at the list while I see it's quite long I also see that the tasks on it are quite pragmatic and, most importantly, quite do-able. There is a lot less dreaming and a lot more reality in my to-do lists these days (for whatever reason, likely associated with the rapid onset of middle age).

If all goes well this week there won't be nearly as much to do next week, and we'll be well on our way to a spectacular summer season.

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