Thursday, August 13, 2009

Helium Drama Contest - The Grinder Sampler

From time to time Helium runs writing contests.

Much to my astonishment, Helium is currently running a contest in drama!

In the past few days I have submitted portions of several of my plays for the various titles in this contest. This is an excellent opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the best produced (and un-produced) drama that's ever been created here at Grinder.

Please check out these aptly-named titles (the titles are Helium's creation, not mine):

Drama: Despair (from Poverty Anonymous)
Drama: A rainy day (from Muzzle Blast - toned down to make it family-friendly)
Drama: A hope and a prayer (from Yes, Your Worship)
Drama: Survival (from Living)
Drama: Detective Stories (from All My Sins Remembered - again, the family-friendly version)
Drama: Dancing (from Farmer's Daughters)
Drama: Her Heart's Desire
(from Home Farm)

I hope you enjoy this sampling of some of the best of Grinder. The contest runs to August 18th, and with 20 titles to write to I'll probably be submitting even more articles, so stay tuned and I'll share you with those at some point soon.

And if any of you out there would like to join the writing community at Helium, please do get in touch with me and I'll be happy to send you a personal invitation!

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