Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to the Grinder

I'm casting again.

After a reprieve of a few weeks while I had a staff member handling things, it seems as if my dream of a casting director for the company will have to be put on hold yet again. Oh well, the best-laid plans, I guess.

Hopefully this round of casting won't leave me as depressed as the last. This time I'm casting for every show from Vaudeville until Christmas, so there are a lot of offers out there right now (check your e-mail!). So far I haven't gotten too many responses back, and my ratio of 3 "no's" for every "yes" still seems to be holding true. I haven't exhausted my lists of people just yet, though in some categories we're dangerously short on talent to start with (ie men of any age).

I sincerely hope I can find casts for all of our upcoming shows in a timely fashion this time around, if only so that we can close out 2009 on the right note. Having a full cast, in place and ready to go, so that rehearsals can start in earnest on the day they are supposed to start, gives me immense joy and a sense of utter relief that is indescribable. Life is so much easier, and the chances of a successful production go through the roof.

I can build flats. I can build risers. I can paint, prop, engineer soundscapes, stretch rudimentary lighting equipment to incongruous ends and even alter a hem line. The one and only thing I can't do is play someone else's role onstage, which is why I have so much riding on getting these shows cast.

We're still looking for people to join us. E-mail me at if you're interested. I can guarantee you there'll be an opportunity for you to get on board.

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