Monday, June 15, 2009

The Return

And we're back!

Just a brief note today to let everyone know that we're back from a week of fun in the sun and some much needed R&R. After a very, very hectic and stressful period leading up to the wedding it took all that we had to make it to the airport on Sunday morning - and our contribution to that entailed walking out the door and into the Red Car.

I'll spare you all the blog postings that were running through my head the week we were away. Had it gotten online then (and I had to force myself not to) you would have been subjected to a freewheeling travel narrative about the minutiae of life cruisin' on a soggy boat, loaded up with crazy people. Fortunately my cooler head continually prevailed as the week went on, and now most of the drivel has passed me by.

Now that we've returned it has become apparent just how badly we needed to get away. Gone is the paralysis and overwhelment that punctuated the last few months for me, and while the days and weeks and months ahead certainly won't be easy (you have no idea how far behind schedule I am) they'll certainly be more productive and a lot less stressful.

So on behalf of myself and the world's greatest wife, thank you to everyone for all your kind words, thoughts and gifts. And as for the return of Grinder, there'll be a lot more to follow in the days ahead - stay tuned.

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