Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The cavalcade of show announcements continues with news about the 3rd show in our Ennotivlle Season, Commedia!

This play is a free re-telling of a classic scenario of the Commedia D’ell Arte, an Italian form of Improv-based entertainment that was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, and is still performed today by various companies around the world.

All Commedia D’ell Arte scenes are built around stock characters – usually heroic-but-foolish heroes, innocent virgins, dirty old men, bumbling fathers, etc. Many of the comedic “tropes” that form the basis for today’s TV sitcoms were first codified in the Commedia, from the “life lessons” of The Cosby Show to the buffoonery of Homer Simpson and the “show about nothing” devices of Seinfeld.

So you might think that this play will be about strange places and far-out people, but it will actually have a lot in common with today. If you like comedy this is definitely the show for you.

Commedia opens July 23rd and runs to August 8th. Call 519-780-7593 for tickets, or visit

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