Friday, April 3, 2009

Some musings for a Friday morn

I've said it before but I'll say it again - these are heady days at Grinder Productions. So much is going on, there's so much to do, and so many people are coming together to produce plays.

Certainly our pace is going faster than it's ever gone before in the winter season, and we've managed to make it through our "slow-dowm" period with only the briefest of pauses, with every indication that next year we'll continue to thrive throughout the fall, winter and spring, with almost no drop in our activities.

Our membership is growing nicely too. The people who joined us at our open auditions in January have made many excellent contributions to our shows so far, and their continued enthusiasm for new and exciting projects has done a lot to keep us going. But we're also garnering more attention from our veteran members as well, who are finding the acting bug biting them once again.

And all this in the midst of the greatest economic slump since the Depression. Go figure. A few months ago I laid out our stragies for overcoming this period of stagnant growth, job losses and people holding on ever tighter to their hard-earned money. And while Grinder certainly isn't enjoying the high life at the moment (not that it ever was) I'm happy to report that we are holding on, albeit tenously. Much will depend on our success with the few projects we have remaining this sring of course, and on how things go in the summer, but I'm confident that by the time everyone starts to get back on their feet (whenever that might be - we seem to hear a new projection every week) Grinder Productions will be intact and secure, and ready to make the most of the new opportunities that will arise from this period of difficulty and hardships.

Keep your chin up, everyone.

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