Monday, April 6, 2009

I think I'm getting older...

I think I'm getting older.

I know, I know, being in the "under 30" set doesn't make me old in the minds of all but the most naive tweens out there, but all the same, the signs are beginning to mount.

I'm sitting in the internet cafe, looking out at the rain through the eyeglasses I now can't live without. I'm suddenly concerned enough about my physical well-being to be thankful for the cheap, tacky umbrella that I wouldn't have been caught dead with ten years ago, and more than a little worried that I forget my Gaviscon when I left the house this morning.

I'm thinking about getting the rest of the house painted this weekend, and working some more on cleaning up the property, maybe even getting in the garden, rather than getting ready for the 3-shows-in-36-hours marathon that used to be my usual weekend plans.

I'm listening to internet radio (the joys of high-speed), so I thought I'd do a little research on an upcoming show by listening to some "classic country," but all the songs they're playing are the ones I grew up listening to! (seriously, I can still even remember most of the words...)

In an ironic twist, I found out last week that I have been nominated for the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce's Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award, but even here I'm getting older -this will be the 3rd time I have been up for it, and I'll be too old to even qualify for it in another couple of years.

And it will be the 5th time I'll have attended the Awards banquet. I've already went twice because of being nominated, been dragged out to fill the table with Theatre on the Grand many years ago (when the tickets were last than half what they are today!) and I'll really feel old when I remember that I attended the awards for the first time 22 years ago, when my Grandmother was Fergus Citizen of the Year.

And now for the kicker: since I've got access to high speed today I can easily upload photos from my webcam, so I've given you a "before and after" look to show you just what ten years of showbusiness can do to you...

This picture is my standard "photo comp" the professional headshot I've been using for the last ten years. As far as I'm concerned it's by far the best photo that anyone has ever taken of me.

The second picture is off of my webcam, and was only taken about ten minutes before I wrote this post.Yes, definitely getting older. Now if I could just get around to the wiser...

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