Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

It's a bit of a stretch to make it through the week these days. You see, the world's greatest girlfriend works a fair distance away, so the only time I really get to see her is on the weekends. We tend to charge each other's batteries, and I'm always feeling pretty good by Sunday night. But then she's gone for another 5 days, our contact reduced to strictly professional (rehearsals) or just a brief phone call, so as not to use up too many minutes on the cell phone. Usually by Friday I'm not a pretty sight.

It's had an effect on the company operations too - I find I now tend to be at my most productive earlier in the week, and after about noon on Wednesday (which it is as I write this) I don't find I come up with anything particularly profound, and I'm better served by tackling the more mind-numbing aspects of this job (re-arranging the office drawing is likely next on the list).

This has been one of those phone call only weeks. It reminded me of just how far we have come in five years at Grinder Productions, how much the company has grown. For while I may have a mountain of tasks in front of me that are none-too-pleasant, and while I may only be at my best when I'm feeling good, the fact that we're even at the point where these things can happen says a lot. Five years ago I didn't know how I should be spending my time, or what jobs were going to be more difficult than others. I certainly didn't know how much certain things were going to cost (both in terms of dollars, social capital and personal friendships).

I don't pretend now that I know everything, or that I know less now than I thought I knew then. I have learned. I have grown, and so has the company. Grinder is now more than just one man with a crazy idea. It's a fun, exciting movement that gives meaning to dozens of lives, and the numbers are growing every day.

If that doesn't keep me going until Friday night then I don't know what will.

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