Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Theatre Ideas: Defining Local

Came across this on an American Theatre blog, but it makes a good point, and I think it's particularly relevant to our situation here in Centre Wellington. Just what constitutes a "local" production? If the actors are from Guelph or K-W or Elmira or wherever is it still an expression of "local?"

Does it even matter where the people come from, and is it the play itself that makes the determination?

The posting also talks about the concept of "tribal" theatre - a bit of a catch-all for collective creation, acting ensembles and theatre focused around a particular theme or manifesto. While intrigued by tribalism, I think it's perhaps a bit limiting and exclusionary, and can lead to elitism. Taken to extremes outside of theatre, tribalism has led to most of the world's bloodiest ongoing conflicts.

Nonetheless, this is interesting. Check it out.


Theatre Ideas: Defining Local

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