Friday, April 4, 2008

Audition Announcement

Auditions Announcement: Grinder Productions seeks fresh talent for 2008 and beyond

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Grinder Productions, Centre Wellington's largest, most dynamic live theatre company will be holding open auditions on Saturday, April 19th at the Grinder rehearsal hall.

"We're back," says Grinder's Creative and Executive Director, Eric Goudie. "It's been a long winter rebuilding the company, and we're ready to make the summer of 2008 our best season ever. We would love to have some fresh faces to add to our talent pool this summer."

The company will be casting for all seven shows coming up this summer at the Ennotville and Belwood Summer Theatres, as well as shows in the 2008 - 2009 Fall-Winter-Spring seasons at the Fergus Grand Theatre, Elora Centre for the Arts and other venues.

No experience is necessary to audition; in fact people who have never been onstage before are encouraged to come out and try their hand at the fun and excitement that live theatre can bring. The company is also interested in people who may have auditioned for Grinder or other theatre companies before but have never been cast - there is such a diversity of roles coming up over the next two years that there's an excellent chance of everyone being offered a role at some point. Veterans of past Grinder shows as well as other community theatres are also welcome to audition, though Grinder members who have been onstage before recieve consideration automatically for upcoming projects.

The auditions will be very informal, and will be in groups of approximately 10 people. They will take no more than 45 minutes, and consist of some theatre games, readings from scripts and other activities.

The morning audition times will be reserved for young people aged 12 - 17, as there are a small number or roles for young people available this summer. The afternoon times will be reserved for people 18 and over.

To book an audition time please e-mail Eric Goudie at or call 519-780-7593.

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Anonymous said...

What about my automatic role for attending Bad Words?

Go Grinder!!!!