Monday, April 26, 2010

The journey begins

It's beginning to look a lot like summer around the homestead. The flowers are in bloom, the goats are clamouring for the pasture, the skunks and raccoons have gone mysteriously inconspicuous while they have their litters.

I do enjoy this time of year, and not simply because the weather is getting warmer. After what always seems like a long and difficult winter I can't help finding optimism in the sunny days and spring chores. Apparently we're getting our own lawn mower this summer, which means we'll have to cut our own grass, which is will take up a lot of time, but at least it will be time spent outdoors making the most the good weather (I think after ten years of summer stock tech work my seratonin levels are still desperately low - bring on the Vitamin D).

Of course, spring also means that the summer theatre season is just around the corner, and despite my best efforts to make Grinder a year-round operation I still find that the biggest uptick in activity are the summer months, so it feels like we're getting ready for an old-fashioned summer theatre season.

The world's greatest wife tells me she has a good feeling about this summer, much different than last year (which, for those of you who remember, was a cold, rainy nightmare). I'm inclined to believe her, if only because these past few months of preparations, while fraught with no shortage of the usual troubles, gave rise to far fewer crises than in 2009. We're in better shape this year, we have more people, we have fewer expenses and most importantly we have excitement building in our company about what's to come this summer.

Frankly, I share Jules' exuberance, though perhaps I'm a bit more cautious in my optimism, for I've seen over-confidence rear up and smack us in the past. But I am feeling good - no, I'm feeling great, about what this summer holds in store for us.

Challenges? You bet. But as this journey begins our resources to meet those challenges are stronger than ever before.

Here's to a great summer - enjoy!

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