Friday, April 30, 2010

Call for Playwrights

The Playwright’s Circle at Grinder Productions

Grinder Productions is a live theatre company committed to producing theatre that dares to be different. What could be more different than a new piece of live theatre! As part of our commitment to advance both stagecraft and the Canadian canon of dramatic literature Grinder Productions is pleased to announce the creation of our playwright’s circle.

Our Goals

  • To give ordinary people a chance to tell their stories through theatre
  • To workshop, review and discuss new plays, providing substantial, constructive, honest feedback to the writer
  • To reward playwrights with the production of their plays

Our Process

There are three tiers of the playwright’s circle, each reflecting the increased levels of commitment to the writing process:

  • Short Drama: Members will create short scenes, two-person dialogues, comedic sketches, monologues, songs, movement pieces and other dramatic materials generally not longer than 10 minutes in length.
  • One-Acts: Members will outline, draft and develop a one-act play 20 – 50 minutes in length.
  • Full-length: Members will craft a full-length play, which will then be extensively reviewed and work-shopped by the circle, and often given a staged reading. The final product will be given a main stage production.

All members of the circle are encouraged to write to all three tiers to whatever degree they feel comfortable doing so.

I’d like to start this group by giving it a goal – creating material for the fall 2010 season at Grinder. This will require short drama (on a variety of topics) as well as one-act plays (content of the author’s choosing) and some full-length adaptations of classic literary works.

Eventually I’d like us to have meetings to review and discuss each other’s works, but to get the ball rolling I’d like to keep our conversations on line to make it easier on everyone’s schedules.

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