Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday... and we've had enough potpurri

I've been cleaning up around the farm this past little while, getting a lot of the accumulated junk off of the property (thank-you Great Refrigerator Round-up! Click here to get rid of your old fridge for free), and I've also been trying to clean up the rehearsal hall, props storage and production spaces as well.

Part of my goal in all of this is simply to be able to find things - I'm uncovering so much stuff that I had completely forgotten that I had, or knew I had but was never able to find - but part of it is also a new-found satisfaction in simply getting things cleaned up.

It's starting to look like a farm around here again. After years of nothing more lively than several generations of raccoons getting busy in the grainery there's now horses grazing in the pasture, cows in the stable, and somewhere in there I think there's a goat too. Even though these are just the tenant's stock, it's nice to see and hear the barn being used again. And our animals, the chickens, are on their way in mid-June.

A lot of garbage has gone out this winter. If you were here in the early days of the rehearsal hall you probably wouldn't recognize it now. Now that we have the house there's no need to store anything that's not weather-proof in the barn, so we now have the luxury of actuallying having things like a costume stock. As much as I am trying to get rid of stuff (and I'm being as merciless as I dare on that) the biggest part of all this is simply being able to re-organize, after the benefit of a few years of working with it, all the elements of our space so that it's easier to get at the things we need, and easier to keep everything clean and clear.

As time goes by we'll get this ship even tighter, I expect, as we create new and better stock, increase our available rehearsal venues (especially for the winter months) and bring in more people.

But for now things are looking much, much brighter!

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