Friday, May 22, 2009

In search of a voice

I sometimes wonder why I write this blog. It's certainly not a vibrant, two-way discussion like some of them are. Yes, it does help get the word out about the company, but only to the people who care to know, and many of them know what's going on already. I think though, that one of the best reasons I write this blog is that it helps me find the narrative of Grinder Productions. It is what gives me a voice.

For a writer, finding a voice is critical. Being able to express my thoughts in such an open platform allows me to clear a lot of the rubbish out of my head, get down on the screen that which is filling my head with nonsense, long before I ever get to the day's writing that demands an impeccable command of language, spelling, grammar and rhetoric.

So how much of that nonsense is allowed to stay and thrive online, and how much of it is consigned to the Recycle Bin? I'll never tell. But in the stuff that does make the cut I still find value, in that it helps me to form a narrative about who I am, who Grinder Productions is, and what forces, events and people are shaping our collective existence. For a writer, that's also something very powerful - a real-life validation of the words inside their head.

But enough getting my thoughts out for one day - perhaps I've betrayed too much of myself already. Tune in next week for more witticisms, and some important information on what's coming down the pipe in the next two weeks!

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