Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to divide a play into beats

Running through the entire play over and over at each rehearsal is a crude and inefficient way to
prepare a play for production. It can have merit when you’re working with a very inexperienced
cast, and you will need a few run-throughs at the end of the rehearsal process before tech week
to help everyone get a sense of the flow of the piece, but you can bring out a lot more truth and
comprehension in the play if you can explore small sections of it in depth.
But there are many different ways to divide up a play. A common way is to divide the play into
“French” scene – each time a character enters or exits it marks a new scene, and you simply
schedule rehearsals to work on the one or more scenes that feature the same group of actors.
This can get a bit confusing, especially... (clicker here for the beats of The Constant Lover)

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